BASF partnership with Porsche to develop high-performance Li-ion batteries

by Margaret Lau
Key to powerful battery materials: Precursor cathode active materials (green and brown powder), lithium carbonate (white powder) and cathode active materials (black powder). Photo: BASF
German chemicals group BASF is to work with Porsche to develop high-performance lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

The Cellforce Group – the Germany-based joint venture in which Porsche has a majority 83.75% stake with battery cells specialist Cellforce – has selected BASF as the exclusive cell development partner for its next generation Li-ion battery.

BASF said it will provide high-energy HEDTM NCM cathode active materials from a production plant expected to start operations in 2024 – with an initial capacity of "at least 100 MWh per year, powering 1,000 motorsport and high-performance vehicles”.

'Lowest carbon footprint'

BASF, which has production plants for precursor cathode active materials in Harjavalta, Finland, and for cathode active materials in Schwarzheide, Germany, said it would provide battery materials with "an outstanding sustainability record for both responsible and reliable sourcing of raw materials, aiming for the lowest carbon footprint along the supply chain as of 2022”.

Cellforce Group MD, Markus Gräf, said production waste from the planned battery plant would be recycled at BASF’s prototype battery recycling plant in Schwarzheide, with lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese recycled in a hydrometallurgical process and used by BASF in the production process for cathode active materials.

Porsche executive board member for R&D;, Michael Steiner, said European sources of nickel and cobalt, the associated security of supply and the short transport routes from Schwarzheide to the car company’s headquarters in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, "were all important arguments for the decision to work with BASF”.

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