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Editor-in-chief John Shepherd
World Battery News is the real-time global business news service focused on batteries and their role in the wider renewables and energy tech markets.

We keep abreast of key news and commercial opportunities around the world and cover advances in all battery chemistries, also highlighting innovations where energy storage technologies support renewable power projects.

As companies work to re-energise their sales and R&D; activities beyond the pandemic, we provide the informed analysis, commercial insight and hard facts that they need to network and succeed in the competitive energy-tech marketplace.

For our online publication, facts come first and we take pride in the high quality of our journalism and our site’s editorial independence. This is how we retain and increase visitors and readership – which is a winning formula for advertising. 

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For our valued advertisers, we offer high-impact display ad opportunities, in addition to bespoke promotional services, to support all campaigns and concepts.

Our online publication is headed by John Shepherd, whose decades of experience includes running print and digital news and business titles in Europe and Asia. John has covered the energy sector in particular for 20 years. 

Articles on our free-access site can be reproduced, subject to certain conditions including written permission from the editor-in-chief.

We update this site around the clock, as soon as articles have cleared our stringent verification and editing process. We also publish a weekly round-up of highlights in an e-newsletter, World Battery News Bulletin. 

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