Gridtential partners with Taiwan's Pilot Battery on Silicon Joule evaluation for energy storage

by John Shepherd
Gridtential CEO John Barton (inset): 'We share goal of wanting to revolutionise performance and reach of AGM battery technology.' Images: Gridtential
Gridtential Energy, the inventor and developer of Silicon Joule battery technology, today announced a formal evaluation agreement with Pilot Battery Co – a leading Taiwan producer of AGM battery technology and solar components.

California-based Gridtential said the move could "kickstart a new era of Taiwanese battery production for the energy storage systems market”.

Under the agreement, Pilot will evaluate a combination of 6V and 24V Silicon Joule reference batteries and – using Gridtential’s development kits – produce prototype batteries in preparation for future production.

'Most recyclable battery'

Pilot will integrate its own active material in the battery to validate impact on cycle life, energy density, battery efficiency, charging rates and manufacturability.

Gridtential CEO John Barton said: "Pilot wants to revolutionise the performance and reach of AGM battery technology, and we share that goal. This is a great opportunity to bring the best engineering minds and materials in the industry to that common mission – to make the best performing and most recyclable battery in the world for energy storage systems.”

ChunYi Hong, president of Pilot, said: "We are pleased to be working with Gridtential and evaluating this novel technology. We believe that the superior treatment for the silicon wafer we’ve developed from many decades in the solar industry could make a great match with the Silicon Joule bipolar design.”

AGM market

Gridtential said Taiwan’s renewable energy power generation was 15.36 billion kWh in 2020, accounting for 5.6% of Taiwan’s total power generation.
Taiwan’s "ultimate goal” is to get renewable energy installation capacity to 27 GWh, which will need a corresponding increase in energy storage capacity – and "the AGM market will be examined closely as a good solution for that increased demand”, Gridtential said.

Gridtential has licensing agreements with 12 battery makers, including the second largest US manufacturer East Penn, which is currently making Silicon Joule reference batteries on a prototype line.
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