Industry leaders praise World Battery News on our 1st anniversary

As World Battery News celebrates its first anniversary in August 2021, we've already received some fantastic tributes – writes Editor-in-Chief John Shepherd.

Over the past year, we’ve exceeded our expectations to become the industry leader for top-quality journalism in reporting on the spectrum of the battery value cycle – covering all battery chemistries and innovations where new energy storage technologies support renewable power projects.

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And below are just some of the testimonials we've already received from industry leaders...


'Independent, professional and accurate'

"EUROBAT has been pleased to be able to contribute to and cooperate with World Battery News from the very beginning.

"We always appreciate its independent and professional approach, as well as its great eye for detail and accuracy.

The weekly newsletter and the fact that World Battery News covers all battery technologies and applications on a global scale, makes the platform a truly 'one-stop-shop' for the latest battery-related stories."

– Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers (EUROBAT)


'Predominant source for daily battery world updates'

"Over the last year, World Battery News has become a predominant source for all the daily updates in the battery world.

"We congratulate the team for what they have achieved in such a short span of time and look forward to their many more successes."

– Digatron Power Electronics


'Valuable reporting, timely and accurate coverage'

"World Battery News provides valuable reporting of what’s happening in the world of batteries and energy storage.

"Governments and industries around the world have recognized the essential role of batteries to help meet the global challenges of expanding demand for transportation, data storage, telecommunications and electrification.

"We rely on World Battery News to provide coverage of these issues that’s timely, accurate, and easy to understand."

– Battery Council International (BCI)


'Valued industry intelligence, important source of information'

"World Battery News is an important source of stories and information about a fast-moving sector that’s at the heart of the energy revolution.

"We value its industry intelligence and incisive analysis."

– International Lead Association (ILA) and Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI)


'Media specialist in the energy and battery sector'

"World Battery News is a media fully specialised in the energy and battery sector.

"I haven't seen anything so complete until now, so I congratulate the whole team, especially John for his magnificent welcome, keep it up!"

– Laura Robles, Chief Marketing Officer, CEMA Baterías