Labat '21 conference highlights advances in lead battery technology

by John Shepherd
Conference chairman Dr Geno Papazov and Professor Evelina Slavcheva.
Lead batteries will continue to be a force in the global batteries market, the International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries (Labat 2021) has been told.

Professor Evelina Slavcheva, director of Bulgaria’s Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems (IEES) and president of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ (BAS) general assembly, told the opening session of the virtual conference that constant technological developments meant lead batteries are still a mainstay of the advanced batteries market.

"The Institute believes in the future of lead-acid batteries and the continued success of the industry is thanks to professionals such as those taking part in this 11th Labat conference,” Slavcheva said.

Slavcheva and other speakers also paid tribute to lead battery industry pioneers who have died in recent years, including Professor Detchko Pavlov, the Bulgarian academician, who died in 2017.

Technical presentations

Pavlov founded the Lead-Acid Batteries Department as a research unit within the Acad. Evgeny Budevski IEES of the BAS.

This year’s four-day conference, which opened on 8 June, is being held virtually for the first time.

Technical presentations are being given live online and conference participants can download papers and take part in virtual question-and-answer sessions with speakers.

Electronic copies of extended abstracts of Labat presentations can be purchased after the event for those who did not register to take part.