Nano One agrees co-development project with niobium producer CBMM

by John Shepherd
CBMM is a global supplier of niobium products and technology. Photo: CBMM
Canadian lithium battery cathode materials producer, Nano One, has entered into an advanced lithium-ion battery cathode materials coating development agreement with Brazil-based CBMM.

The partners will work to optimise Nano One’s patented ‘One-Pot’ process for nickel rich cathode materials, using niobium from CBMM as a coating for "demanding applications” such as electric vehicle batteries.

Nano One’s CTO, Dr Stephen Campbell, said the company had successfully demonstrated the use of niobium as a coating for various cathode materials and has several related patents now granted and pending.


"Our One-Pot process enables us to form coatings simultaneously with the underlying cathode material. This avoids extra steps and costs while enabling individual nanocrystals, also known as single crystals, to be coated for increased durability.”

Nano One CEO Dan Blondal said cooperation with CBMM, a global supplier of niobium products and technology, would support the company’s move towards commercial application of its technologies.

CBMM executive manager for battery products, Rogério Ribas, said "we look forward to demonstrating the stability that niobium brings to high-energy lithium-ion batteries”.


Niobium, which can be made to form a coating on the outer surface of each grain of a cathode powder, is a key element in the advancement of lithium-ion battery cathode materials.

As a coating, niobium protects the highly reactive cathode from deleterious side reactions that can cause rapid degradation in high performance batteries, while preventing the growth of interfacial resistance during battery cycling.

Nano One said its lithium niobate coating is a form of non-flammable ceramic solid-state electrolyte, which allows lithium ions to pass through it and into the cathode material during discharge whilst protecting the cathode from side reactions.

Details of the project including financing have not been disclosed.

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