Penox Korea set to expand products for lead battery firms in Asia

by Margaret Lau
Lead battery producers currently biggest consumer of group's lead oxides and red lead. Photo: Penox
The South Korean arm of Germany’s lead oxides and battery additives producer, Penox, has announced a doubling of production capacity at its plant in Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Penox, which supplies all red lead grades to lead battery producers in Asia, said the installation of a second red lead SA3 oven will allow the group to expand its business in Korea and across the Southeast Asia region.

The company opened a commercial branch in the South Korean capital, Seoul, in 2011 – as Penox took steps to expand its presence into the Asian market.

Penox then started deliveries of high-grade red lead oxides across Asia from its Yeongcheon production facility in 2015.

'Positive experience'

Group CEO Denis Doiseau said: "Creating and developing Penox Korea has been an amazingly positive experience."

"Penox has brought into Korea state-of-the-art technology from Europe to provide Korean and Asian markets with the technical products required by local lead-acid battery producers to achieve the increasing performance requested by their customers.”

In addition to South Korea, Penox has production sites in Germany, Spain and Mexico.

Penox red lead is produced in two steps using batch and continuous operating furnaces. In Germany, the group said it is also able to manufacture a single step red lead for special battery applications.

Lead battery producers are currently the biggest consumer of lead oxides and red lead produced by the group.