Spain offers incentives for renewables and battery storage as landmark climate law is passed

by John Shepherd
Ecological transition and demographic challenge minister, Teresa Ribera, praised lawmakers for passing the landmark climate and energy legislation. Photo: Teresa Ribera / Twitter
The Spanish government has unveiled a €1.12bn (£964m) package of financial support to boost green energy initiatives, including the use of renewables and battery storage in homes and businesses, as parliament approved a landmark climate change law.

Ecological transition and demographic challenge minister, Teresa Ribera, said the package included an initial sum of up to €220m to encourage greater take-up of renewable power generation, such as solar panels, coupled with behind-the-meter battery energy storage systems.

Ribera said the financial incentives would encourage companies and families to have "greater control” over the management and consumption of energy, in line with the new climate change and energy transition law, which sees Spain in conformity with the European Union’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Strategy roadmap

Ministers gave the green light earlier this year for an expansion of the country’s national energy storage capacity, from the current 8.3 GW to 20 GW in 2030 and 30 GW by 2050.

A roadmap presented by Ribera’s ministry for behind-the-meter batteries set a storage capacity increase of a minimum of 400 MW for 2030 and said there should be an expansion of vehicle-to-grid technology projects.

Spain plans to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles by limiting new car sales to electric vehicles by 2040.

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