Biden pledges 'historic investments' for US leadership in battery tech, clean energy

by John Shepherd
US to pursue 'global leadership' in batteries and clean energy.
US President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to make "historic investments” in battery technologies and clean energy after he takes office next week.

Biden outlined plans for a federal investment boost in research and development in markets "where global leadership is up for grabs”, including "battery technology… and clean energy”.

Last night’s announcement was welcomed by Battery Council International (BCI), the North American trade association representing the lead-based battery manufacturing, supply, recycling and distribution companies.

BCI executive vice-president and general counsel, Roger Miksad, said: "The lead battery industry, with its strong domestic supply chain, is ideally positioned to rapidly deliver on the president-elect’s promise to have American jobs support the nation’s post-Covid economic recovery, and also to ensure America’s global leadership on technological innovation and a green economy infrastructure.”

'Energy transition'

BCI said lead batteries "will be the dominant rechargeable battery technology for the foreseeable future, are the most recycled consumer product in the nation, and are the global leader in a variety of green applications, from well-known automotive uses supporting clean mobility in low-carbon start-stop and micro-hybrid vehicles, to the growing utility and renewable energy storage markets that are ushering in a global energy transition”.

The US lead battery industry invested $100m (£73m) in R&D; in 2019. The industry is also working with the US National Laboratories system on next generation battery technology and energy storage.

Last September, BCI called on the US Department of Energy to invest in the lead battery industry to boost the country’s "energy resilience and independence”.

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