EDF's Pivot Power puts hybrid battery and solar at heart of EV fast-charging superhub

by John Shepherd
Superhub 'to be powered by 100% renewable energy'. Image: Pivot Power
EDF Renewables subsidiary, Pivot Power, has announced a key milestone towards launching Europe’s "most powerful” electric vehicle charging hub in the UK – including a 50 MW hybrid lithium-ion and vanadium flow battery.

UK-based Pivot Power said it has teamed up with Oxford City Council, EV fast-charging company Fastned, Tesla Superchargers and EV charging services provider Wenea, for the £40m ‘superhub’ project in Oxford.

A Pivot Power spokesperson told World Battery News the project is scheduled to start operations in November – and details of the battery storage system are set to be announced later.

The consortium of UK companies, led by Pivot Power with Oxford City Council, the University of Oxford, Habitat Energy, Kensa Contracting, and Invinity Energy Systems, is delivering the EV superhub, 100 ground source heat pumps and the grid-scale battery storage.

Grid balancing

The superhub will feature 38 fast and ultra-rapid chargers and be "the most powerful in Europe – with up to 10 MW of power on site – and will scale up to help meet the need for EV charging in the area for the next 30 years”, Pivot Power said.

The site will be powered by 100% renewable energy, partly generated by Fastned’s ‘solar roof’, and all makes and models of EVs will be able to charge at the highest rates possible simultaneously.

A new connection to the National Grid’s high voltage transmission network will be shared by the superhub and the battery system, which Pivot Power said will be the first ever deployed using lithium-ion and vanadium flow technology. The battery will also provide grid balancing services.

Pivot Power CEO Matt Allen said: "Oxford is one of 40 sites we are developing across the UK, combining up to 2GW of battery storage with high volume power connections for mass EV charging.”

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