Emerging battery companies invited to NAATBatt 'summit showcase' for advanced technologies

by Michael Green
Summit will showcase advanced battery technology. Photo: ThisIsEngineering from Pexels
A summit for battery tech entrepreneurs and companies of the future to showcase their products and expertise is to be hosted by NAATBatt International – the trade association for advanced battery developers, users and manufacturers in North America.

Each year, NAATBatt identifies the 10 most interesting start-ups and emerging companies working in advanced battery technology and invites them to make a brief presentation about their technology to the association’s members.

Now NAATBatt is looking for emerging companies working in advanced battery technology to make presentations at the NAATBatt 2021 annual meeting, to be held from 8-11 February, 2021.

The meeting will give new companies working in battery technology a chance to present to a large group of companies that could be interested in buying or licensing their products or processes. The 10 firms selected by NAATBatt's evaluation committee will be invited to submit a five-minute video describing their technology and will receive two free passes to the annual meeting itself.

Interested companies should submit an abstract of a maximum of three pages by email to [email protected] on or before Friday, 27 November. Applicants will be notified of the evaluation committee’s decision by 18 December.