Entek and Britishvolt unveil lithium battery separators collaboration 'roadmap'

by John Shepherd
Britishvolt has named Blyth, in north-east England, as the site of its first EV battery gigafactory.
UK electric vehicle batteries developer Britishvolt has named international battery separator group, Entek, as its preferred lithium-ion battery separator partner.

The companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for collaboration – including the potential investment in facilities for Entek’s novel ceramic coated lithium battery separator materials at Entek’s existing UK plant in Killingworth, Newcastle upon Tyne and a co-located facility within Britishvolt’s Blyth campus, in north-east England.

Under the MoU ‘roadmap’, the partners will work together to qualify Entek’s separators for Britishvolt’s "target customer expectations and performance criteria”.

The goal is to enable the scalable production of "world-class lithium battery separators to create and expand a robust, onshore UK manufacturing ecosystem and supply chain, for a strategically-critical component of Britishvolt’s ‘roadoad to zero’ target”, the partners said.

'Renewable energy'

Britishvolt said the non-binding agreement was part of a roadmap that would allow the company to "scale up our sustainable battery production and help to drive the UK to an electrified future”.

"Co-location at Britishvolt’s site, the best in the UK and one of the top sites in Europe, will allow access to an abundance of renewable energy, essential for power intensive manufacturing processes. It will also reduce the length of the supply chain and along with it the carbon footprint of battery production,” Britishvolt said.

Entek CEO Larry Keith said: "We are delighted to have been selected as Britishvolt’s preferred lithium-ion battery separator partner and eager to align our objectives and investments with their transformational plans to build a 30+ gigawatt hour factory in the UK.”

Last year, Britishvolt named Blyth, in north-east England, as the site of its first EV battery gigafactory, with a total investment cost of £2.6bn.

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