Leclanché to supply fast-charging and battery storage systems for e-ferries on Lake Ontario

by Michael Green
The project will deploy Leclanché's modular and scaleable marine rack Li-ion battery systems for marine applications. Photo: Leclanché
Swiss battery storage company Leclanché is to supply fast-charging stations on Canada’s Lake Ontario for hybrid and fully-electric vessels.

Damen Shipyards Group, a global operator of more than 50 shipyards and related facilities, has selected Leclanché to build and provide two fast charge electric ferry stations and supporting electrical storage systems.

Leclanché CEO Anil Srivastava told World Battery News the project will deploy the company’s modular and scaleable marine rack lithium-ion battery systems for marine applications, which use its in-house graphite-nickel manganese cobalt oxide (G-NMC) 60 Ah cells.
Damen’s agreement with Leclanché’s Stationary Solutions group will see the complete recharging infrastructure installed next year to support two e-ferries Damen has built for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

'Zero emissions'

Leclanché’s battery systems will power Damen’s new Amherst Islander II and Wolfe Islander IV e-ferries, which will operate on Lake Ontario between the mainland port city of Millhaven and Amherst Island, in addition to Kingston and Wolfe Island.

Amherst Islander II is fully electric, with a 1.9 MWh capacity Leclanché battery system and produces zero emissions, the company said. It will carry up to 42 cars and 300 passengers at speeds of up to 12 knots and connect Millhaven with Stella on Amherst Island.

Wolfe Islander IV, a larger e-ferry, will provide service between Kingston, on the mainland, and Wolfe Island and features a 4.6 MWh Leclanché battery system.
The vessel can carry twice the number of passenger vehicles – 83 – plus 399 passengers. "It too produces zero emissions and will sail at up to 12 knots per hour – the same speed as vessels powered by conventional propulsion systems,” Leclanché said.

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