Monbat joins European Battery Alliance 'to further develop lead-acid tech'

by John Shepherd
Bulgaria-based Monbat also owns European lithium-ion battery systems producer EAS Batteries. Images: Monbat
Bulgarian starter and industrial battery producer Monbat said today it had joined the European Battery Alliance (EBA) – in a major boost for recognition of lead-acid battery technology.

The mission of the EBA, launched by the European Commission in 2017, is to establish a European battery manufacturing industry that, to date, is largely focused on the development of lithium-based battery technology and developing raw materials supply chains.

Monbat said its key areas of cooperation as a "fully-fledged" member of the EBA "are expected to be the further development of lead-acid battery technology, application of vanguard nano-technologies, improving exploitation characteristics and prolonging the battery lifecycle”.

However, the company said it also expects to cooperate in "creating an optimal environment for competitive manufacturing of lithium-ion battery systems” for industry and transportation.

Recycled material

Monbat is the fourth largest manufacturer of lead-acid batteries in Europe in terms of production volume and sales. The company also owns EAS Batteries – a key European producer of lithium-ion battery systems based in Germany – that Monbat acquired in 2017.

Earlier this year, Monbat acquired a 60% stake in Tunisian lead battery company, Nour, as part of plans to expand its market share across North Africa and the Middle East.

Monbat also launched what it said was Bulgaria’s first accredited battery testing laboratory, in a move to boost the firm’s R&D; activities.

Data from the International Lead Association shows that almost 100% of the lead batteries collected throughout the EU are fully recycled. On average, more than 80% of a new lead battery is made up of recycled material, most of it originating from collected EU waste.

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