US 'set for energy storage boost under Biden administration'

by Michael Green
ESA: 'We expect to see strong support from new administration.'
The US energy storage industry is set for a boost under the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden, say industry chiefs.

President Donald Trump disputes Biden’s projected victory and has made unsubstantiated fraud claims.

However, Energy Storage Association CEO Kelly Speakes-Backman said: "By electing Joe Biden as president… Americans have sent the signal to accelerate the path forward toward a clean energy economy.”

"We expect to see strong support from the new administration focused on decarbonisation of the electric and transportation sectors, which will further drive the deployment of energy storage,” Speakes-Backman said.

'Bipartisan efforts'

"We look forward to working with the Biden administration and Congressional members to continue our bipartisan efforts to advance our vision of 100GW by 2030, creating a more resilient, efficient, sustainable, and affordable electricity grid.”

Election pledges made by the Biden campaign included "driving dramatic cost reductions in critical clean energy technologies, including battery storage, negative emissions technologies, the next generation of building materials, renewable hydrogen, and advanced nuclear”.

"A specific focus of Biden’s historic R&D; and procurement commitments will be on battery technology – for use in electric vehicles and on our grid, as a complement to technologies like solar and wind – increasing durability, reducing waste, and lowering costs, all while advancing new chemistries and approaches.”