Zinc Battery Initiative launched as developer Zinc8 secures investment boost

by Michael Green
Zinc Battery Initiative 'to boost development of mission critical technologies'. Image: IZA
The Zinc Battery Initiative, a new programme to promote the impact of zinc batteries as a disruptor in the energy storage sector, has been launched by the International Zinc Association (IZA).

The launch came as Vancouver-based start-up Zinc8 Energy Solutions, a member of the new programme, confirmed it had secured CAD 15m (£8.5m) in equity financing.

Zinc8 said it will use the investment boost to further research and development to commercialise its zinc-air hybrid flow battery technology.

IZA executive director Andrew Green said the Zinc Battery Initiative aims to boost cooperation between producers to increase the development of "mission critical technologies”.

'Flexible designs'

"The advancement of zinc battery technologies, resulting in low-cost, sustainable, and safe options for key applications, represents a disruptive innovation with significant impacts on these markets going forward,” Green said.

According to the IZA, zinc batteries "have much to contribute” to the mix of technologies needed to combat climate change and create energy grids that are resistant to extreme weather.

"Zinc batteries are versatile, offering flexible designs with broad operating temperatures, high power discharge, and are capable of long-duration storage,” the IZA said.

Other members of the Zinc Battery Initiative include ZincFive, Salient Energy, Urban Electric Power, e-Zinc, ZAF Energy Systems, and AEsir Technologies.

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