Industry leaders praise World Battery News on 1st anniversary

Global industry bodies the International Lead Association, the Consortium for Battery Innovation and Battery Council International are among those congratulating New Energy 360 / World Battery News on its 24/7 coverage of the fast-moving energy sector as we mark our first anniversary.
World Battery News – the real-time global business news service focused on batteries and their role in the wider renewables and energy tech markets – is celebrating its first anniversary next month.

Over the past year, we’ve exceeded our expectations to become the industry leader for top-quality journalism in reporting on the spectrum of the battery value cycle – covering all battery chemistries and innovations where new energy storage technologies support renewable power projects.

Thousands of readers have been following our free-access portal and have signed up for our weekly
e-newsletter, World Battery News Bulletin. We have hundreds of followers across Twitter and Linked In and the industry’s response has been amazing.

'Timely, accurate coverage'

A spokesperson for leading international industry bodies – the International Lead Association and the Consortium for Battery Innovation – said: "World Battery News is an important source of stories and
information about a fast-moving sector that’s at the heart of the energy revolution. We value its industry intelligence and incisive analysis.”

US-based Battery Council International said: "Governments and industries around the world have recognised the essential role of batteries to help meet the global challenges of expanding demand for transportation, data storage, telecommunications and electrification. We rely on World Battery News to provide coverage of these issues that’s timely, accurate, and easy to understand.” 

Thanks to such a following – and ongoing commitment from World Battery News' investors – we are expanding our services as we move ahead to include:

➢ A new mobile-phone friendly format, to better serve readers and advertisers who follow our website and newsletters ‘on-the-go’;
➢ Launching a new app that enhances connections across the global battery community, with industry news, analysis and services that can be relied on to energise business in the new energy tech sector and to power ahead;
➢ A special, first anniversary ‘One-for-One’ advertising campaign offer for new customers.

'Global reach'

Editor-in-Chief John Shepherd, whose career in digital and print journalism spans some 40 years, said the UK-based portal, supported by international correspondents and technical experts, is already acknowledged as the ‘Reuters of the battery industry’ for its global, 24/7 coverage.

"We launched in the darkest days of the pandemic – a dedicated business news, information and marketing platform, through which companies could promote their products and services at a time when in-person exhibitions, conferences and networking were temporarily halted.”

"As pandemic restrictions begin to ease, I’m delighted that the increasing number of readers and advertisers who welcome our industry coverage and instant, global reach, are staying and ‘growing’ with us as their digital information and marketing partner of choice,” Shepherd said.

Online advertising rise

Commercial Director David Beckett, who joined World Battery News earlier this year with more than 30 years’ experience in the media and publishing industry in Europe and the Middle East, said the move away from legacy media and growing influence of online advertising is acknowledged in latest global analysis by WARC Data, which indicates more than 60% of advertising spend is expected to be on digital media in 2022 – a 50% rise since before the pandemic.

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